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03-30-2003, 10:18 AM
Welcome to the new site layout.

I worked this weekend to re-layout the site so that it would be for function for you and easier for us to maintain.

You notice the biggest change is that the General Section is gone. We found that people used that section as an excuse to be lazy and not put their post into the correct section. Please take the extra few seconds to think about where your post goes before you post it. It save the moderators a whole lot of time and stress.

Also, there are a few new catagories. They are empty now so go fill them up. One you can go fill up now is the "suggestions" area. I know you have some suggestions on sections and features you'd like to see added so lets hear about it.

Hope you like the redesign!!

P.S. All the General posts are still on the server....just unsortred. We will most likely sort out the most current posts and archive the rest.