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02-06-2004, 07:30 PM
The Manual says that ....

Antifreeze change at 100K
Tune up at 100K
Serpentine Belt @ 100k

The reason I bring these things up is that my fuel milage sucks, and I get the car looked at and they tell me to fix things that don't supposed to be fixed for a while now. Are Pontiac dealers and The manufacturing plant on the same level or do they blow smoke up ur *$$ to get you to buy the car?

I love my GAGT but nothing's easy to fix and is very expensive. I can fix an older car but this car looks hard as H*** (hades). They want a fuel filter, hey shouldn't that been changed with the $900 I've already spent on a new fuel pump? A serpentine belt which doesn't supposed to be changed until 100K and a tune up.

Whadda ya say Guys?

02-06-2004, 10:19 PM
As for belts and fuel filters, they are easy enough to change by yourself. That saves alot of money. The only thing I plan to take my car in for is to flush the cooling system and change trans fluid. I change my own oil, plugs, wires, etc. I plan to change my trans fluid at about 45k - 50k miles, and the coolant about every two years. I wont take it to the dealer for this either. Find a good quality ASE certified shop that has a nice clean shop and new equipment and you'll save alot of money over the dealer. The dealer wants to change everything all the time so they can charge some outragous rate. For instance, when I first changed my fuel filter, I didn't know how so I called the service dept. at the dealer...they wanted $90!! I called up my friends mechanics shop (which is a very nice, ASE certified, organized place) and he charged me $15 (plus the filter cost) and showed how to do it myself the next time.

02-07-2004, 01:42 PM
Your antifreeze will be pretty nasty looking by 100K and the plugs will last to 100K but are definately not as efficient as clean plugs would be. You're better off cutting the service interval in half in both cases.

The biggest PITA was the belt. What dumba$$ engineer designed it to where you have to loosen a motor mount and raise the engine to do this? Even this wasn't really difficult, just more of an irritant. Makes a simple job consume more time.