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02-13-2004, 08:13 AM
Ok, I guess this doesn't belong in the GA Technical section and would probably more for the "Other cars makes and models" section, but this section gets way more viewing from knowlegable mechanically minded people. But, if the administrator wants to move it I'll understand.....

My question is this: Has anyone on this site owned a car with either a 4-link suspension or a ladder bar suspension? I'm not talking a factory style 4-link, but more of a Pro-Street application. I'll be ripping out the whole rear suspension out of my camaro this summer, and I'm torn between going with either a 4-link or ladderbar setup. My main concern is street-ability. It'll see as much road use as track use, so I wanted to get some info from people who have actually had these setups and drove them on the street. My main concerns are body roll, binding, and roughness. Any insite will be appreciated.