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02-21-2004, 02:24 PM
Well, I took my car into the shop this week. They did a diagnostic first, then replaced the coil pack($127) but couldn't get the s.e.s light to clear. so i drove it for 2 days. The end of the first day the light went out and it was hauling a$$ finally,( it hasn't for a while.) Then the second day the light came back on and it was kinda hesitateing in low rpm's, if i touch the gas it would be fine but while just driving in town low rpms. So I took it in again. They did another diagnostic and put a new ignition module and 6 new spark plugs in ($244) took it home again light came on after a day again! had the oil changed light went out day later light went on again and now while Im idleing she kinda hesitates and doesnt quite run hard as well...??..?? What the heck is up any one got a clue!!!