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02-22-2004, 02:15 AM
I had the struts replaced in the front end of my Alero and the strut mounts. Stil I get that stupid muffled rattle or bump noise in the front end. The dealership though it was the struts but they were wrong. I can actually feel it sometimes through the floor board. It is a loud bump sound that constantly occurs over bumpy surfaces. No other Alero is this noisy. The car drives perfectly though is stearing and such.

What could it be? Any experiences.?

Note: I do notice that the brake pedal is a bit loose, like it has some play in it. Braking is fine, but if I put my foot undernieth and pull up quickly or play with it, it makes a similar sound as those loud bumps.
Any ideas?

manic mechanic
02-22-2004, 08:23 AM
On two GA's with the exaxt same problem as you have described, I have lubed the upper strut mount with a spray style white lithium grease. I sprayed it through the all of the small splines cut into the upper mount as sits inside the engine bay.

You'll be able to see these slots as soon as you open the hood.

The same procedure has also worked on a 1999 Cavalier and a 2001 Sunfire with excellent results.

I got the tip from a buddy working at a local GM dealership.

My $0.02.