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02-27-2004, 03:19 AM
hey all-- Im Mike. as you see i am a newbie to this site... i dont own a grandamgt but i do plan to buy sometime soon ... money is the only issue at this time. ... neways.. i currently own a 1996 Chevy Cavalier. only mods that are done is Custom intake, Exhaust (Muffler), and stereo system( AudioBahn 1505Q SPL series sub in custom enclosure. i dont know what my sub is running yet in the dB category since i have not been tested yet. but by the sounds of it i am sure its close to 160 range. im running it off an old school RFosgate 1000watt amp. my 15 is only running at half its power. so i desprately need to gather up some funds to get the proper amp to run my sub at its peak performance. I am currently a member/ co-founder of Team Redline Motorsports-Chicago.... not affiliated with other redline teams. we are currently looking for new members. Im not trying to take anyone from here or their current team but just trying to get the word out about our team... need some recognition. so if you are interested about the team visit the site at talk to you all later.
-- Mike F. --

Ps-- This weekend is supposed to be nice out from 55 to 60's so maybe we can set up some kinda meet or something if not this weekend then maybe for next weekend. ?