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02-27-2004, 01:37 PM
On the 3400, is it located on the side or the front of the motor?

02-29-2004, 03:35 AM
it is located on the passengers side of the motor, near the belt area, at the very bottom, underneath your water pump and compressor

to answer your other post, the crankshaft sensor (3400) is located behind the crankshaft pulley. Within the pulley, there is a reluctance ring (aluminum) with slots in it, and you will notice the sensor, bolted to the block, within the pulley, which you must remove to access the sensor, which isnt too hard, its getting the pulley off w/out air tools which is a bitch

you said you were getting a crankshaft error code, which one was it that you were getting? it should be P**** (4 digits) but depending on what the exact code is, you might be able to tell what the problem is. I am assuming that you have never touched the crankshaft pulley, which would rule out that the code being thrown, requires the "crankshaft relearn procedure".

The code is set on the second cycle of the ignition (second time you turn the car on) that the trigger values of the crankshaft sensor, do NOT match up with the values of the CAMSHAFT sensor. On the second cycle, if there is such discrepancy, the SES light will illuminate, and from that moment on till the correct values fron the crankshaft, match that of the camshaft, the camshaft sensor will control all idle below 1600 rpm

The purpose of the crankshaft sensor is to "better" control the idle below 1600 rpm of these engines, so I would assume that your idle is a bit abnormal, and you also said the light dissapeared after a full tank of gas, so I would say you need to monitor closely the status of the vehicle next time the SES is alluminated, unless you are 99% sure the crankshaft sensor is at fault, and then I can give you instructions on how to remove it.

For now, I would park the car overnight, pop the hood, and pull the fuse marked "PCM BATT" (#44 I THINK!!!!) overnight, and let the PCM reset itself, and this will clear SES light, but the trouble code along with the mileage will still be noted in the PCM memory. See if the light comes back, or similar problems