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View Full Version : is it easy to get precription for tint? 35% i guess you can get

02-29-2004, 10:12 PM
so i was readng and it says you can get a prescription for tint up to 35% and it makes it legal for you, has anyone tried this just to get out of tickets or did it cause they need too?

02-29-2004, 10:26 PM
I can say I was I following the stupid Wisconsin Tint Laws 50% in the front 35% the rear and back. Then I was reading about medical tint exemptions and it said you can get up to 35% for medical exempetions. My dad has really bad vision like 20/400 he stopped driving 3 years ago because he vision sucks. I called his eye doctor saying that the the 50% tint in the front is killing his eyes even more its too light. So my dad's eye doctor wrote me an medical exemption saying basically that I'm able to carry darker tint on my car. I have 20/20 right now but since I have to drive my dad around to pay his bills and take him to do his errands I can qualify for medical exemption. All I can say is it helps to have a person in your family with poor eyes to help you out plus my dad had to co-sign on my car loan so basically he's a co-owner on my car too. I know I had to bring in my car title to the eye doc and they handled the rest for me. I just wish I knew of this law earlier. I had to pay $100 to retint my front two windows to 35%.