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03-03-2004, 08:24 AM
Hey all,
Dunno where my posts go all the time....they don't show up under my user cp. Anyways....remember my door issue with the driver side panel hitting the fender and all....

So I went to the dealer. They said all they would do is pull the fender back, and touch it up. They would charge me $100. I wanted them to take the fender off, fix the crack in the fender (metal) and fix the plastic on the door. She said that putting the side panels back on is a bitch and they dont stick very well.

Sooooooo....I bought touch up paint, some 3m adhesive, and fixed it myself. Today though, the adhesive came undone :confused:

Any suggestions on what I SHOULD use to hold it? I don't want to use crazy glue or anything....well....maybe I could....if I stick it to the plastic, leave the adhesive to the metal, and do that eh?

*goes outside with crazy glue*

Suggestions welcomed ;)

03-03-2004, 08:35 AM
w00t! Just put some krazy glue on it......I'll see how long it holds ;)

The surface was a bit wet (tried to wash my car today) but it stuck really good. I put pressure on it for about 45 seconds to a minute.