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03-15-2004, 08:52 AM
My power window regulator busted this weekend on my 2K GA. So I came on here, did some searching and found a ton of valuable info. A good friend of mine is going to fix it for me, but until Thursday, my window is taped up with duct tape. I feel like total poor house with that! But hopefully with the info I got off here, and now making myself feel better after cursing this car out... realizing everyone has the same exact problems with their GA's, I should be good to go.

I'm ready to sell my car. It's only got about 65K miles, and is my baby. I owe about 3K on it... and I really want to off it. But my b/f keeps telling me to hold onto it, because it'll be sooooo nice not having a car payment, etc. But if I keep shelling out $$$ for this car... it's getting sold. No more pontiacs for me.... if I didn't get a discount on GM cars, i'd get a jetta or eclipse.

Thanks for the info!!!