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03-15-2004, 11:01 PM
Im in need of a car and want a 99+ GAGT, tomorrow im going out to check on a 1999 GAGT with 96k miles. Im low on cash and this car is only $4100. Just wanna know with it having so many miles, can i at all feel safe driving it? I know its kind of a toss up question, but i dont know much bout these cars when there hitting there 100+ miles.


03-15-2004, 11:05 PM
I am not a mechanic and wouldn't pretend that I know exactly what I'm talking about.

With that said, I really think that might be a high price for a 99 with so many miles. I bought my 00' GT with 49K miles on it for a little over double that, whether that was a good/bad deal, I guess that's debatable. However, I'd seriously talk to some people that can really look into the car. If you are hellbent on buying it, swing it by a family friend who's a mechanic (if possible) and have him take a good look.

Not trying to turn you off of the car, just hate to see someone get stuck between a rock and a hard place. Good luck!

03-16-2004, 02:40 PM
In my area the Kelly Blue Book price runs approximately $7,000 for the Grand Am GT. There are people who are driving their grand am's at 150,000 miles without problems, I am not sure of any that have had any major problems with the engine blowing out or anything like that. There are standard problems with Grand Am's(of normal mileage and high mileage) such as Lower Intake Manifold gaskets(about $1000?), cheap brake rotors that warp, and window motors that have problems for a few people.

The most expensive problem is usually a bad Lower Intake Manifold gasket.

My suggestion for a 99+ Grand Am test drive to test the Lower Intake Manifold gasket(and for transmission problems..):
Once the car is warmed up a little, floor it, feel the shifts and see if they are stiff and not slippy. Drive it around a little rough without being afraid to floor it every once and awhile. If the Lower Intake Gasket was bad, you will see a white froth when you look inside under the oil cap, or when you check the dipstick. Check the coolant color, make sure its normal and hasn't mixed with oil.

If the Lower Intake Manifold isn't leaking, and the engine and transmission are strong, I'd say the most expensive components of the car are okay.

Ohh, also check the brakes, slam those a few times and make sure you don't hear any unusual noises, and make sure they provide plenty of power to stop quickly. If they feel like they are pulsating, you will need to buy new brake rotors and pads(which wouldn't be too terribly expensive, but factor it with the price)

Personally, I think if the Grand Am is your kind of car and if this one is in good shape, go for it!!
Just remember to check every detail of how it feels, rides, runs, appearance, etc.