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03-31-2004, 11:07 AM
( warning: long post )

Well guys first off let me tell you about my problem. One day a few weeks ago I was driving my GA with the AC on and I noticed that white smoke or whatever was coming from my vents and I smelled coolant. I payed it no mind cuz i figured it was the first time the AC was used since last summer. So anyway a few miles down the road I notice my temp guage is laying past 280 So i pulled over and checked everything out. During all this the check guages light never came on. So i let it cool down for a while then try to make it somewhere to get some water. It goes right back to 280 again. So i finally get some water and put it in, drive some more and it overheats again. So i say f*ck it. I then had it trailered to my uncles house so we could fix it. We thought it was the heater core. That didnt work. Then we replaced the thermostat. After replacing both of these i took it down the road for a test again. Well it started overheating near 280 again. I try to hurry and get it back home but it decides to shut off before I could. I had a hard time getting it to crank but it finally did. Now when i let it idle or drive it a bit it runs like ****. I think it is the head gasket again. when i let it idle for a while then cut it off i hear a noise like there is a leak somewhere but i dont see anything. When i hit the gas while in park i notice water coming out of the exhaust. I checked the oil but didnt really find any signs of coolant.

So after all of this i have decided to go ahead and do the 3400 swap since my current 3100 has almost 200,000 miles. My question is. Is the 3400 from the GM minivans exactly the same as the ones from the N-bodies? Cuz i know i will need the upper intake manifold from the van motor anyways. I would just rather get it all as one package and not have an extra manifold laying around. I found a 3400 from a Chevy Venture for $450. Thanks and sorry for the long post.