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04-01-2004, 04:37 PM
Aight so i bought some led bulbs for my taillights 4 red 3157's and 4 red 3156's. Put them in they all light up. But the turn signals are going crazy, (i put 3157's in the front lamps with the load resisters and it worked like a charm) Now i put the load resisters in on the taillights. (On the drivers side i wired it black for the ground and lite blue and black for the + and the passenger side black for the ground and blue for the +) DIdnt have any luck still flashing like a biach. And can someone explain a lil bit on how to modify my brakelights so that they get brighter when you tap the brakes. Ive searched every thread and im still confused. And i bought the LEDS from

04-01-2004, 04:55 PM
ok nevermind i got most of that crap figured out and working, the only problem i have is the hyperflash now i have load resisters in the fronts and those worked fine now i put leds in the turnsignals in the back and there back to going crazy i put load resisters like iceman said for the back and they still flashed, there the same exact ones i used on the front and i followed the color coordination. But i heard you use different load resisters for the back...can someone explain that for me.