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04-07-2004, 08:32 PM
sorry if this is in the wrong section and kinda long but.......
i went and got my tires balanced and rotated the other day, cause it was free(came w/ lifetime balancing) and now the car makes sort of a rubbing/grinding noise from the front end, started rigth after i got the car back, first thing i thought was the bearing. not real loud, just a lot more road noise than before-took it back to sears, they did a suspension/steering eval. and said it probly is the left front hub bearing, it has some play etc. he ALSO said my tires were cupping, and on the evaluation sheet they wrote "tires cupped, suggest 4 new" :nono: i havent even had them a year, their Dunlop SP Sport A2, 215/60/15, the treadwear is 400! and ive had them rotated and balanced before too, he said it still migth be from driving them unbalanced, they also come w/ a 50k mile warranty im goin back tomorrow to see if they wanna give me 4 new ones since their so "cupped" after 18k miles and 10 months w/ proper maintenance-oh any guesses on the noise? hub bearing or CV shaft

04-08-2004, 04:13 AM
not sure about the noise but if they're under warantee and they suggested new ones....I'd definitly try to get a new set from them;)

on another note......anything new with the spoiler? Did ya check out Hoenig's for a price?

04-15-2004, 12:02 AM
nah i didnt yet, i havent even been on here in a while haha, i dunno im probly gonna do that next month, im goin to florida in 2 weeks and i got my window tint ticket back, hafta pay that, but im thinkin of a whole new paintjob in general, or at least i wanna get a GT front bumper, il get on it sometime :cool: