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04-20-2004, 01:24 PM
Lately, upon entering my vehicle, there has been (on occasion) a damp piece of flooring on the drivers side near the front left part of the base of the seat.

I have also noticed a smell similar to that of "Long John Silvers" or some type of fish. I believe the wet area is also causing the smell. Any idea what this liquid is and where it might be coming from.

Also, my check engine light came on, and I found out it was a bad oxygen sensor (in bank 2 i think)...However, the light later went off, and now it will come on and off sporadically. Any thoughts on how I could remedy this (whether I could do it myself, or how much it would cost)...

Thank you for your time.
P.S. My vehicle is a 96 Grand Am Sedan 3.1 L