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04-22-2004, 05:01 AM
Hey guys, I bought a used 97 GrandAm GT a while back that had been pretty much abused. The previous owner NEVER performed any maintenance at all...

So... a month after I bought it, I got to spend $2,100 dollars having my transmission completely rebuilt by Pines Pontiac. It's a 4T60E.

My question is, since it was rebuilt, there was probably a few metal shavings, etc.. that they may have missed. 5k miles later, I'd like to replace all the fluid and the filter again. What is the best transmission fluid to use? I mean, I know what KIND to use... but... I guess what I'm asking is.. is there such a thing as Synthetic Dexron / Mercron III? I always assumed that all transmission fluid was pretty much synthetic. I'd be using an AC Delco Remey (or is it just Delco now?) transmission filter?

Also, I do a LOT of stop/go traffic... would I see any benefit to installing an aftermarket oil cooler for the transmission? I figure it would go somewhere in-line between the radiator and the return line.


04-22-2004, 07:30 AM
Aftermarket coolers are always good.
But if they did a complete overhaul on a 4T60E, then there should be no metal shavings at all since the tranny is stripped down, and each part is cleaned then replaced. Your regular fluid should be just fine.

BTW- $2100 is A LOT!