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Black Beauty
04-30-2004, 09:13 PM
Hey guys, pretty new to the forums (been doing some reading) and wanted to say hi. Plus I want your opinions on some stuff.

Ive got a black grand am GT (2000) and am looking forward to making it look hot! haha. Im not an expert on cars, i know enough to get me buy, but i would like your input. I was thinking of these modifications:
~New headlamps (either Silverstar or Cool Blues, which do you guys prefer?)
~ An sc/t hood (does anyone have pics with a SD hood on a black GT so i can compare it to the sc/t)
~ possibly some a nice set of rims (anysuggestions?)
~ grill mesh
~maybe some nice decals
~headlamp covers
~i would also like to add some performance parts, possibly CAI and an exhaust system

What would you guys suggest? give me some ideas as to what i should do to make this car look and perform nice, keeping in mind that im on a students budget :( As ive already said, i dont know a whole lot about the performance parts market, so if you could include costs and suggestions i would greatly appreciate your help!

thanx all :cool:

04-30-2004, 09:20 PM
You probably won't get many replies to your thread because this question is asked daily now, however start with the following...

Do a search in the forums for CAI, exhaust, etc... You should start there, I'd think.

Good luck! :thumbs: