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05-05-2004, 06:49 AM
ok, i am going to be working on a buddy of mines 95 GA today and replacing the lower intake gaskets for him.

when i called around to get the gasket kit, the parts store asked it has the push rod guides or not, becuase there are 2 styles listed for this year GA.

well, i am not stupid and know about push rod guides and stuff. but i was not aware that the 95 GA came with both styles of gaskets.

i can only assume that their computer may not be entirely correct, i used to work there, lol.

so am i correct in saying that the 95's should have the push rod guides on the lower intake gasket?

i dont have the car at my house yet to take a peak at it, but i will later today. but i want to have the parts ready for when the car gets to my place