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05-11-2004, 09:57 AM
Last night on my way home from work my car had overheated just a bit over the 220 mark, but by the time I was home it was fine. However when I got out I noticed a bit of a burning smell (not like oil or antifreeze), and upon opening the hood, it appeared to have come from about where this picture was taken (the next day). When I went to turn my car on this morning, I couldn't steer worth a damn. I had the car on maybe 2 minutes, so I reparked it, and looked under the hood. The spot in the picture was leaking just a bit of dark red liquid which seems to match the color inside the power steering resevoir, which has some fluid, but I can't make out where the fill line is. Another weird thing is, though I only had it on a minute or two, the resovoir was either steaming or smoking when I took the cap off, is that normal?

I have never had this problem with the car before. Can anyone help? Should I try to just add more fluid, get some sort of stop leak, I'm clueless.

Thanks in advance. - Bryan