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05-23-2004, 08:51 AM
Back in Jan/03 I noticed that i had oil in the coolant resvoir. I took it to the dealership my car was 1 year old and had 21000km on it. They couldnt explain why that was and said the correction to the problem was "flushed cooland resvoir and topped up coolant. Found traces of coolant byproduct in container.

Jan/04 take my car back to the dealership with 42000km on it and now even more oil in the coolant. they tell me that it is regular maintanace to do a coolant flush that is why the brown film is in the resvoir tank. They charge me $150.00 and said they would keep an eye on my coolant everytime i bring it back.

May/04 my car has 53000km on it and i take it for an inspection so that i can get whatever repairs done while it is under warranty, my mechanic said my lower intake manifold is leaking and my main seal is leaking. I told him about my problem back in jan/03 - jan/04 he told me my car most likely was leaking since then. He aslo said that the dexacool was not required maintance up untill 240000km or 5 years that they ripped me off trying to avoid fixing the problem.

My question is after driving the car for two years like this i have noticed my car to be sluggish and after fixing this leak will my car be as good as new or will i have problems down the line cause i've been driving it for 2 years with this problem.

I called up head office on the gm and they said there is nothing the could so to help me just fix the problem and that the doubt the car has been leaking since 21000km

Im thinking about taking a lawyer cause im sick of the money i've spent flushing the coolant and being lied to about my car