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05-24-2004, 12:39 PM
Well, this is a bit of a two part question...

I broke one of my rear tail light assemblies. I was going to get inspected, left work early, and found out I had a reverse lamp out. The guy at the garage said I could go home and fix it, and if I was quick, be back before they closed.

So I went home to replace it, pop the tail light out only to find the lamp was fine, but the connection was bad. (More on this in a sec...)

Anyway, I'm soldering on the workbench, and I, like a clutz, elbow the tail light assembly which then falls off the bench, lands lens down on the concrete floor.

The outer lens broke, with a big chunk falling out. I taped it back together with clear tape, looks like crap...(Could be worse I suppose.)

Is that outer lens replacable, or do I need an ENTIRE new tail light assembly?

Now, on to why the light failed. That tail light must have been getting water or condensation inside it. The metal leads that go to each lamp were rusted. Only in one spot, but the leads going to the reverse lamp were completed rusted away. The only fix I could find was to solder wires to the undamaged part of hte leads and then onto the lamp. (Soldering to one of those bulbs is not easy!)

It works just fine, and I'll be replacing all the lamps with custom made LED breadboards.

But I'm wondering if anyone else has had their leads rust out like that. (You must remove the lamp holder from the rear housing in order to inspect them.)

So, if I can't get that lens, I'll have to replace the taillight. I'm assuming thats about $150 from the dealer, so I'll hope to find a nice used one for a GT.

05-24-2004, 03:33 PM
The tail light is all one unit, there is no replacement lens. Try eBay or the "For Sale" section on this board. You may find someone who replaced GT tails with aftermarket units. At least you can get a feel for the going prices. The dealer is the most expensive. You could try a junkyard.