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05-25-2004, 01:04 PM
Hey all,
For some reason my post about the LIM gasket (yes, the one everyone has issues with...the leaks and such) doesn't show up in my UserCP.

Anyways....I was looking for parts and I know some of you guys were curious as to where you can buy parts (like me). PACE Performance sells these parts.

Just go to the site and at the top (in the search box) put in the part number you are looking for (eg. 89017279) and it will come up with that part.

For a new gasket (the new GM design) and all 8 bolts (4 short, 4 long) it comes out to $69.12 without shipping.

Good customer support too...I was looking for the parts this morning but was having issues with the site. I e-mailed them and they got back to me in a mannerly time. The site is fixed for these parts and you can order them now!

Hope this isn't a repost.