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05-30-2004, 01:25 PM
While starting the redoing of the interior, i wired up 2 15" neon glows with strobe attachments for under the dash through the CD player of my car, and two of the wires accidently touched (ground wire and power source) now the car thinks the doors are still open and it keeps the car lights on, as well as does its normal ding ding stuff. Any clue what the heck is going on? I already replaced all the fuses it blew when they touched, so everything is working fine besides what I just said up there....as well as the power to my cd player now working anymore.

Everything else seems to be in working order. Any suggestions?

Do the older Grand Ams like the one i have, have a seperate fuse box somewhere that i dont know about (2 Fuse boxes...one inside the car and one in the engine)?

Any clue where i can get some wiring diagrams to check this stuff out so i can continue on with the project, and not have to worry about that.

PS- It's a 1994 Grand AM SE with the 3.1V6