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05-31-2004, 05:00 PM
Hello people,

I own a 2000 Grand am GT (156,000kms), it was worth it.

Car overheated - mechanics changed thermostat (put in higher tempthermostat)
I don't know if this caused the problem I mentioned below.

Still overheated - and another problem started. My car started cutting the fuel after 10kms, by 20ms it would stall out. After 10 kms, I can turn the car off and it will be fine. I would get full fuel control.
mechanics thought it was due to the overheating problem, so they changed the lower gasket. It never solved the problem.
They did a tune up on it, but it never worked. They by passed a number of sensores, but the problem remained.

I brought it to my dealer, the mechanics that worked on it cleared the codes so my dealer would have a clean slate to work with.
This is the weird part, instead of getting 10 - 20kms, I got 120 - @200kms after they cleared the codes. Now it's starting to get back down to 10 - 2-kms agian.

My car dealer couldn't find it. They said their guess is the fuel pump. It's overheating they said. I don't understand how it would start failing 10 - 20kms and then getting 120 - @200 kms just by clearing the codes.

Fuel pressure 55, drops to @48 or lower.

Did or does anyone have the same problem as mine?