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06-02-2004, 01:49 PM
Okay well it started yesterday when my car wasn't wanting to start, the engine would start to turn but wouldn't go over. Anyway I just left it alone and later in the day I went back to try it and it started up no problem. So, i was like, okay whatever, well today it started fine and seemed to be running fine until I was coming back from a friends house. I was behind a car and went to pass it and when I let on the gas the car started to jerk really hard and wouldn't accelerate.
(I was probably going about 75-80) Well I pulled off onto a side road and tried shifting through the gears and it would get to about 3krpm and start jerking until I shifted and then it would just die. I can still start it but it does hesitate. Any Ideas on what is wrong. It is going to the local shop tommorrow but I figured I'd ask here too.