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06-13-2004, 04:50 PM
well im taking my moms alero in on wed. for the LIM gasket-only indicator was the coolant light coming on every few weeks even with adding the dex/water mixture, up until a few days ago when i took the resivoir(sp) cap off and the coolant and underside of the cap were all foamy-that means oil in coolant right? i know nothing has been added to stop leaks or anything, which can cause that also. but so far theres no coolant in the oil, im keepin a close eye on the dipstick and theres no condensation under the oil cap- so we're ok for now right? dealer quoted $5-600 plus an oil change and possibly coolant flush, which would add $120 or so-plus tax this is lookin like an $800+ job :nono:

06-13-2004, 05:10 PM
Ouchies. I am in the SAME boat you are, except I only fill coolant every month to month and a half right now. The coolant in the res is a brown color with the foam....My brother thinks they added some stop leak stuff in there...which they may also stinks like hell too.

My oil is fine and what not. AFAIK, as long as your oil is fine, you should be ok (and as long as you are not overheating). Once the coolant gets into the not drive the car, unless it is to get it to the dealer. People have had to replace major parts of the engine due to coolant mixed in the gets more expensive if you let it go on (to put it simple that is).

If you were to buy the parts and the coolant/oil/filter and DIY it would be no more than $150. I will be doing mine within a months time.

$800 sounds about right though for the job...yeah it sucks.

06-14-2004, 11:38 AM
yeah, DIY would be sweet but im not that much of a mechanic yet haha-plus she needs the car at least every other day. it also has to get the serpentine belt changed, it actually failed inspection the other day cause it was cracked and some of the ribs were missing and the fabric was showing-i thought it was a SAFETY inspection. oh well that i could do but might as well get it done at the same time.