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06-30-2004, 09:18 PM
Hey guys its that time my vehicle is very close to 90000 and i need to know whati need to do or if you have a website that shows what type of repair/service i need i went to a shop today he said all i need is oil change and vehichle inspection i know i need my tranny flushed but would like to know what else???? if thier is anything i want my car running in top shape any help or info?

06-30-2004, 09:50 PM
Im not sure of crap off hand at momment, but your owners manual will have a 90k miles checklist

06-30-2004, 10:09 PM
i bought it used didnt have one with it :( would someone mind posting that info for me?

06-30-2004, 10:21 PM
I actually have a 1999 manual. If you cover s/h, i'll send you it

07-01-2004, 02:02 PM
Coolant Flush
Tranny Flush
Fuel Filter
PCV Valve
Air Filter
Grease all your fittings

Thats about all I could think of for now...

07-01-2004, 02:10 PM
My manual seems to say that the only things I have to do between now and 100,000 miles is change the air filter, rotate the tires, and change the oil only over and over again. I thought there was more to it than that?