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07-01-2004, 08:49 AM
hi my name is Justin and i drive a 1992 pontiac grand am gt

Modifications to the interior, exterior, engine, and rims are all listed below.

EXTERIOR: Hood Vents, Custom Tail Lights, Custom Exhaust, White Painted rims, mesh grills, white pin striping, vinyl decals front and back window, flip flop trunk lid
INTERIOR: Custom interior lighting (red), Custom interior paint (red) custom stereo enclosures, durabrand deck (50x4), two 10” Mobile authority’s, 300 watt amp, custom interior, custom dash,

RIMS & TIRES: Stock rims (white) and street racing tread firestone 205/55R/16’s
PERFORMANCE/MOTOR: the motor has a lot of color. The valve cover and the exhaust manifold cover have their fair share of red. Red and Black wire loom highlight the rest of the engine bay. Performance wise, the motor is a stock 3300 with an intake and port and polished throttle body, custom graphics and vinyl headlight covers
BRAKES: Performance metallic pads
SUSPENSION: Gabriel Sport suspension package

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