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07-19-2004, 08:18 AM
I have a antifreeze leak, its coming from the pass. side wheelwell, where theres a little hole in the plastic part of the wheelwell. heres the the timing of events, its wierd when it leaks

5:00 parked the car after an 11mile drive
7:30ish: went out for a few hours ( g/f drove her car), no antifreeze leaking
1030: got back and theres a stream of antifreeze and the hole in the wheelwell is coated in it so it came from that area. the hole is supposed to be there, for this purpose maybe?

why would it leak 3+hrs of turning it off?

also on that same night:

when I started it up to leave it started fine, but the dash lights were really dim ( I thought I hit the dimmer switch) so I turned them up, I pull out of her drive way and about 1000ft down teh road the lights brighten up inside and out. what could this be?

sorry for the long post, any input would be appreciated, thanks.

07-28-2004, 08:10 PM
Well, I am a little confused here... did you check for a leak right away after you parked, then didn't check it again until you got back 3 hrs. later? Also, were you running A/C? How hot outside was it? Have you done anything to any hoses or ever removed any of them? Are you running 100% coolant, or are you mixing with water, or running straight water?

Anywho, I can't give you an exact diagnoses seeing as I can't see the car, nor do I know all of the symptoms and conditions.

As for a simple solution, it might just be that you over-filled it, and the system got over-pressurized and it released the extra coolant out of the blow-off valve, which is right above the passenger front wheel well... Check the small hose on the back end of the resevoir that runs straight down and has nothing on the end of it and see if it's where the trail starts... If that's the case, then the car is fine and you just need to be more watchful of how much coolant you put in.

If that's not the case... Your system most likely has a leak somewhere... If you want to check it yourself, go to some Auto parts store and get a compression testing kit and fitting so that you can put it on your coolant resevoir to test pressure... It will probably be a hand pump, gauge, and hose that will connect to the fitting that goes to the resevoir. If you pump it up to 15 psi and the pressure holds, then the system is sealed and then it's probably the case above that's the problem...

The worst problem could be you have a leaky gasket somewhere or a leaky water pump, which is also right next to the passenger-side front wheel well...

So in short, basically pop the hood and get a flash light and look for the source of the leak and then send me a PM once you find it and would like assistance with it.

As for your lights, it could be loose wire somewhere, blown fuse, or maybe even the coolant was leaking on an exposed wire, or that you never hit a high enough RPM to get the alternator going... (notice at night that the lights sometimes dim if you play with the A/C or when you turn on the headlights that all of the other lights that were on dim a little. Once again, I am not sure what lights you mean when you say "inside and out". Send a PM if you would like more help with that problem.

Basically, only solution I can think of to the light problem is check for loose wires and/or blown fuses... The Alternator can only power so many things, so if you have like a huge stereo system, that can affect it some as well.

Hope I was helpful!

- Zero