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07-19-2004, 03:56 PM
Well i had to make a emergency run downstate due to grandma in hospital. I followed another car and drove between 80 and 85 the whole way down for 3 hours. Once i got there and was in town, i noticed when cruising trying to go 25mph i had to keep hitting the brake because it seemed like it kept same speed instead of slowly getting a slower speed. I get to the hospital and its idling at about 2100 rpm's steady. It wasnt really over-heating, just a bit over half way (forgot numbers). Um, as for temperature outside, it was about 80 degree's out.
Should this be normal after a 3 hour drive? Just kinda freaked me out.

Other bad news is it melted the tube on my underbodys that was above the exhaust pipe. LED's are now fully exposed( was about 1 1/2 inches above pipe) :(

07-28-2004, 09:38 PM
What sort of electrical work other then the LED's have you done? If you did that resistor mod then your PCM thinks all of the air is 32 deg F / 0 deg C, and it will dump more fuel then necessary so it could idle higher from that... Also, did you install the flowmaster recently before doing the run? The stupid part about the 3400 with the tiny exhaust manifolds makes it so you need some back-pressure to help pull the exhaust gases out... at least that is what I've heard and what theoretically is true. Anywho, it might be that your car was running in second gear because the throttle was sticking... if it's a hot day and a long drive, it's a possibility... Also, the Flowmaster 80's weren't designed for this small of an engine... you may have a greater flow capacity, but you lost a lot of flow efficiency...

Pressure x Volume (1) = Pressure x Volume (2)

If you get a greater volume, you will lose some pressure, it's most important to find the most free flowing design, and not the largest volume... Usually Flowmaster's are put on V8's because they have the power to push more air and thus will still have a good velocity through a flowmaster. Anywho, I am rambling... and I think I got off subject... so on that note, I am going to bed!

Hope I helped some! Send PM with questions and reasonings.

- Zero

07-28-2004, 09:39 PM
Oh yes, I forgot to add, have you done anything under the hood as well? that can change some things as well...