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07-20-2004, 06:46 AM
No I didn't drill into my tank... :P

It seems my fuel filter is leaking, when the car is running and shortly thereafter I make a small puddle right underneath it. I'm going to get a new seal and new filter while I am at it tonight, but does anyone have any ideas why this would be leaking? (other then the seal)

07-20-2004, 06:53 AM
Could be a cracked hose too. Could be the fuel filter itself. I had one split on me on my other car.

07-20-2004, 07:05 AM
^Yep my old car did that once.

If it is your gas tank I can recommend some good plastic epoxy ;)

07-20-2004, 07:15 AM
Maybe that trek through the bush during the black-out finally caught up with you? lol

07-20-2004, 08:37 AM
HAHAHAH I almost forgot about that! Man, everytime I look under my car I can see the scrapes on the crossmembers from that! LOL

I am pretty sure its the filter, we'll find out tonight.