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07-23-2004, 12:43 AM
Hey guys,
Yesterday I was driving and was kinda accelerating and all of a sudden my car was like stuttering and shifting between all kinds of gears for like two seconds. I really didn't think anything was the car was fine the whole time I was on the highway right after this happened. I was driving down my road going to work...first time I used the car today...and it happened again for about the same amount of time. I drove the car about 40 miles today and nothing happened that was strange like that. It was really hot out both days and I had my a/c on max air at like the 4th setting...would that have anything to do with it? My Grand Am SE is a 1999 with the 2.4L twincam. It has 66,650 miles and hasn't had any engine or tranny problems at all. I hope this is nothing going seriously bad.

07-28-2004, 07:47 PM
Hmm... I remember having a similar problem like that as well... Although, I have the 3400 with a auto trans... If I remember correctly, the problem is electrical and not mechanical... Does it do it more often when you are accelerating and/or turning? I remember that what had actually happened was that my 3x crank sensor wire had came loose, touched the exhaust manifold heat shield, fried some electronics, and made it a pain in the ass for me to fix it... Although, I don't remember if that was the cause of the stutter or not... If you have a automatic transmission, I'd suggest this...

1. Check wire connection from engine to tranny, might be loose, and check ignition wiring, sometimes it can cause strange things...

2. Try running without the A/C and see if it still has the same problem, if so, then it's safe to assume that it's related to the A/C, however, I doubt that is the case.

3. In an automatic, the stock config. doesn't let you nuetral slam, so are you trying to shift it by hand in an auto and give it a lot of gas to create an effect similar to popping a clutch in a manual? Automatics factory are not meant to nuetral slam, you will need to get some computer rework and get a staging rev limiter so that you can nuetral slam then, although I don't see the point in going that far!

Anywho, those are only my ideas, I don't remember exactly what I did to fix it, but I do know that I fixed it... Hope it helps!

- Zero

07-30-2004, 10:47 AM
Oh wait, I just remembered now why it did that... It's not an electrical problem, it's more of a mechanical problem. I had it occur on mine when my roll-resistors on the engine wore down so whenever I accelerated and/or turned, the engine would roll to much and it would slip for reasons I don't feel like explaining because I just ate an a$$ load of Wendy's and am now going to take a nap! Ironically, this came back to me as I hit a pothole on my way home...

Check your roll-resistor mounts... there are 2, one on the back of the tranny, it's hard to get at but it probably isn't the bad one. The other is right in front of the starter and is more prone to go bad since it's what keeps the engine from rolling on acceleration and such...

Look for a worn rubber ring or cracks in the ring, just because it looks fine doesn't mean it is fine. Also, try seeing if you can rock the engine by hand, it should move a very small amount, if any. If it moves easily, then you do have a bad roll-resistor mount...

Hope that helps!

- Zero