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07-31-2004, 01:37 PM
I have a cutlass supreme with a 3.1L engine, i replaced the thermostat, waterpump, flushed the system and the car still overheats, is there a bleeding procedure i need to do? I heard that somtimes air gets trapped in and that it needs to be bled, any one know how i can do it or where i can find info?

08-08-2004, 11:52 PM
Well, engineers try to avoid needing a bleeder valve because it costs money. Anywho, the 3100/3400 have bleeder valves. I don't know about your Cutlass, but assuming you have a bleeder valve somewhere, it looks like a small brass screw that screws into a small brass fixture which is usually found either on the pipe that extends from the lower plenum (Lower intake manifold) or on one of the solid metal coolant lines that run in the front of the engine bay.

If you find it, bleeding is actually easy... Just unscrew the screw on the valve all the way and put it somewhere in easy reach, then start to fill the resevoir and becareful not to fill it to fast so you don't overflow or overfill. Anywho, the system is bled once you see coolant starting to flow from the bleeder valve. Screw the screw back in and becareful not to over-tighten because brass is very weak. The fill the resevoir to full, put the cap on, and you are done. I know there are probably other methods, but that is the simplest.

Hope I was of help!

- Zero