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08-03-2004, 08:00 PM
I was driving to about 20 minuted today, stopped off at Wendy's got something to eat, 20 minutes later come back to the car and it starts but takes a really long time with holding the key, and yes i held the key in the on position until the humming stopped before i tried to start the car. I was pulling out of the lot when i noticed as i was picking up speed the car kind of felt like it was pulling back. It did this for about 10 minutes so i pulled over and restarted the car and everything was ok. I've noticed in the last month my car has been acting up, sometimes when i start the car the engine idles low, high my shifts are feeling rough and sometimes i am having a hard time starting the car. Can anyone tell me any possibilites on what it could be. I'm at 58000km and my warranty will be over really soon.

I was wondering should i maybe do the spark plugs, fuel filter and transmisson fluid. Could that stuff be causing the problem

Any help is better then nothing

Thank You