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08-05-2004, 06:46 AM
Okay, about a month ago i had a new head gasket put in my car. About a week ago while I was driving, my car started leaking coolant from the drivers side of the block. Now it only seems to leak when you shut the car off and it loses a lot. Like about 1/2 a gallon of coolant. It wasn't over heating either. When I had it pressure tested yesterday, we couldn't see the leak b/c there is too much stuff in the way looking from the bottom and you can't see squat from the top. That test however seemed to make it worse and now my little 2.4L is overheating even when I only drive <5 miles. When I refill the coolant tank, there is no oil in the mix and the compression tests seem to be in acceptable ranges. I'm hoping that the clionder head isn't junk after all that work that was done to it and I have to replace it. However, if it is the cylinder head, I just might replace the whole engine. Depends on the money situation. I think my car hates me or hates being driven, I'm not sure yet.

08-05-2004, 07:15 AM
Could be a cracked head. That's very common with the 2.4 liter engines.

08-06-2004, 08:22 AM
nope head is good. But the leak problem has been sovled, kinda by accident. Got out of my car yesterday afternoon and heard a funny gurgle and hissing sound. Quickly popped the hood and put my ear close to the IDI cover and on the driver side where the radiator return surge tank air line and another hose, can't tell which, all meet in this "collector" looking thing. (Cant think of its name its early and I just got home from work sue me.) well that "collector wasn't tightened down enough and it finally loosend it self up the other day whhile I was WASTING a CAmaro (I mean Slomaro) Called the dealership asked there opinion and they said put a new gasket in and it will be fine. Problem gasket only comes in kit kit costs $79. RTV costs $3.79 @ Autozone and is cooling system compatible so low and behold the little Diabla will run again, YEAH!!!

08-07-2004, 06:28 AM
Why in the world would you race another car if you have this problem. Seems that you may have a hole in your head and your brains are leaking out. Some advice for the future, make sure your car is sound before you push it, it will last longer. :knob:



08-07-2004, 04:23 PM
I DID NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM BEFORE THE RACE!!! Read more closely. I said AFTER I RACED!! You must have the hole in your head and the brains leaking.I know enough about racing and car problems than to go and do something stupid when I know I have a problem. The leak occured about 5 hours after I spanked the camaro. It was when I went to teh grocery store that the leak happend.

08-07-2004, 04:37 PM
Sorry to snap but I'm just SICK of guys that think just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I don't know a thing about cars. I have built three sub 14 sec honda's and currently working on putting a 2JZ into a 1988 supra not to mention the 680hp Nissan Sylvia (yes she is right hand drive now) a group of friends and i have been working. Its the 2.4L that is giving me and the rest of the group a headache.

08-25-2004, 07:14 PM
Okay so the cause of this whole coolant leak was the stupid water outlet (thermostat) housing. $18 later and 2 hours and no more leak, YEAH!!