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08-06-2004, 07:28 AM
Ok, from reading up on here I know my blower resistor is def. bad cuz 1&2 blow hardly any air while 3,4,5 are great. Now another problem is the A/C isn't producing any cool air. Even with the A/C off and the temp control all the way to the coolest setting its still warm. When its cool out like it is right now (62 currently) its somewhat cool but a couple days ago when it was hot as hell it was just straight hot air coming out. Happened about 2 weeks ago and I got an el cheapo can of r134a refrigerant and put a lil of that in which did the trick. Well now this past week its not working. Would it be worth getting the 30 or 40 dollar can that supposedly stops leaks, plus it comes w/ a hose kit cuz getting down there is a PITA w/ just a can w/ a connector on it.