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08-15-2004, 09:39 PM
Ok...I've done lots of searches on the site and read many posts in regards to the issue I have been having with my car, but I still need more input, as I am not convinced what will correct my cars problem.

I have been running a Borla exhaust and K&N drop-in filter since 38,000 miles. I recently installed an APOC CAI at 110,000 and for the past 1500+ miles my car has stalled on me approximately 7 times, once, most recently, on the lower level of the Verazzano Bridge. This was a pretty scary time, as I watched traffic approaching from behind as I tried to restart my car and not get killed, luckily for me (unlucky for those involved) an accident occurred behind me, which blocked me from traffic long enough to get my car started again.

It appears my car stalls out while giving light-moderate gas on an incline right before it downshifts. Other times the car has stalled out on level plane, but while trying to accelerate and stalled at higher RPMs (around 4000-5000 rpms). My car only stalls on the parkway at higher speeds (from 45mph and up).

I took the car to the dealership and they found the car is running "lean" (surprise, surprise) and they said, the only thing that "might" fix the problem was replacing the fuel pump, which would cost $700+ and would not guarantee fixing the problem.

From reading our site, it appears I have 4 options:
(1) Install a Digital Horsepower PCM
(2) Install a Granatelli or Pro-M modified MAF
(3) Install an Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
(4) Remove the CAI and re-install stock (POS) Air Box/Ram Air

Before I make an investment in time and/or money, I would appreciate everyone's input on the best, safest, and correct solution to my problem.

Knowing the car is running lean, it is starved for gas, yet I am not sure if the stock computer is the culprit - cutting off fuel at various times in response to the increased air flow or if the stock fuel pressure is just not enough to compensate for the increase in air.

I really appreciate and value everyone's opions and experiences. I would like to make a decision and "fix" my car next weekend.


08-16-2004, 01:03 PM
Check to see how much pressure you are getting from the pump. Should be around 10-12 psi, if your not getthing that then the pump, or the lines are the problem
If the pump is fine, perhaps an injecter is gummed up.

Change back to the stock box and see if the problem continues. ~work backwards
Though I don't think the CAI is the problem, a vaccum hose might have gotten pinched or could just be hanging out, fallen out or something

I would not install anything new, untill u pin point the problem, the more you change before you figure it out the more you will change back to find the problem

Good luck m8

08-25-2004, 07:46 PM
Hi Juanvan,

Thanks very much for your reply, I really appreciate it. I was hoping more people would post, especially those who were experiencing the same problem as me.

I plan to take the CAI out this weekend and see if I continue to have the same problem, which I hope I do, as I'd prefer to keep the CAI installed.

I want to check the fuel pressure (as you suggest), but I am not sure how I can do this, got any suggestions? Also, any way I can check the pressure as I'm driving to get a good idea how much it fluctuates and what happens right before it stalls out.

On another note, the car has not stalled on my recently, but it "sputters" on slight acceleration, it appears to be at the same point of the gas pedal and when I get on the gas the car does the same thing and it also hesitates when shifting - that's when I usually get off gas b/c I don't want it stalling out.

Thanks again!

09-20-2004, 02:23 PM
Well, I removed the CAI and have been driving with the stock box (and Ram Air) for about 1000 miles and the stallings have stopped, but the car still is not running right. It seems after about 30-40 minutes of driving the car really hesitates when shifting at higher RPMS when downshifting. I'm sure removing the CAI helped, but something's still not right.

A friend of mine showed me the connector on our cars where I can hook up a fuel pressure gauge, which I plan on purchasing, but the only thing I don't know is, what should the fuel pressure be during normal driving? What should the pressure be when shifting at normal acceleration? What should it be when shifting under hard acceleration?

Thanks to all for their input.

Well, if all else fails, I will be buying a new fuel pump from and installing it myself (with the help of my friend, who offered).

09-20-2004, 07:46 PM
it sounds like your fuel pump is fixin go out dude.. i live in the tn mountians and mine did the exact same thing yours is doing.. i went from putting in new plugs , fuel and air filter still had no luck still ran fine for about 30-40 mins. then blamo stall.. most of the time it hesitated when i put the slightest of loads on the engine.. finally one night around 9:00pm the fuel pump quit on me while going to a friends house to say the lest my friend was behind me and seen that i had a problem..he tried to tell me to check the fuel pump and i told him he was say the least he was right he pounded on the bottom of the gas tank and the car started that is when it came clear that it was the fuel pump... so the next time it stalls try to bang on the bottom of the tank to see what happens..good luck and hopefully you get your car running right again..

09-20-2004, 08:20 PM
Hey fireshadow540,

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your input. Sounds like the fuel pump is going and I better get it replaced soon (before it totally cuts out on me). Well, with 114,000 miles on the car, I expect things to start to go wrong, especially since I purchased an extended warranty (up to 100k) and nothing major went wrong during that time.

On another note, I will never buy an extended warranty...what a waste of money.

09-20-2004, 08:38 PM
definitely sounds like a fuel problem. i know that it can't be the CAI or borla. my recommendation would be to check out the fuel injectors and fuel pump

09-20-2004, 08:51 PM
Hey Pacman,

Thanks for the input. I was also concerned about the fuel injectors. I had them cleaned recently (at Firestone), and it seemed to help a bit for a short while, but now, my car is running like crap again. Gas mileage is really suffering too, barely getting 240 miles out of a full tank of gas.

Any idea how I can determine if the fuel injectors are bad? If so, are there any aftermarket injectors for our cars that might increase hp by a few pony's?