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08-30-2004, 10:57 AM
I have a 92 grand am 4dr who's driver's side door opens from the inside but not the outside. I'd like to take the door panel off and check out to see if something has fallen off or "whatever". Wanted some advice on removing the door panel since the local library doesnt have any chiltons manuals covering this car.

Looks like there were a couple screws along the bottom of the door, and one behind the sliding door lock, but are there any other screws that hold it on that I'm missing? It sounds/feels like there are some of those plastic bold-looking deals that hold it in place because I can feel them dragging along the metal of the door when trying to wedge the door off, but I'm not ready to yank and break something yet. ALSO, the window crank is still on there and I don't see any screws to take it off... will it simply slide off with a tug, or do i need one of them spiffy flat tools that slides behind the handle and releases some clip for it to come off?

ALSO, not to add too much to one questions, but when I start and put the car in gear, all of the locks automatically lock. BUT when I try to unlock them with the rocker switch on the driver's or passenger's doors, nothing happens, I need to manually slide them unlocked. Any ideas on this one??

Thanks in advance for any advice.