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08-31-2004, 02:26 PM
Well, it's one of those situations where we were at the mercy of someone else. And that someone else screwed up BIG time. There is an issue with our hosting company's reseller. Without going into too many details our host company's servers that house DNS information were taken offline because the reseller owes a substantial amount of money to the company that houses the datacenter (it's a long story), so GrandAmGT.com's DNS server didn't exsist anymore. That's a problem. The site was here the entire time, but no one could get to it because the DNS resolution (what takes www.grandamgt.com from your browser and sends it to our servers IP address) was not online.

Our host company was quick to get everyone notified about the emergency DNS server change so right now our DNS information has been updated and we're waiting for the DNS change to populate across the globe. This is usually a 24 to 48 hour process.

I want to thank the folks at ASmallOrange.com (our host company) for being proactive in this difficult situation. They had no idea their reseller was about to go belly up and in turn, have the plug pulled on several servers. This is not only affecting ASmallOrange.com, but several hundred other host company's. The number of affected sites is in the several thousand.

Please be patient and give GAGT.com some time to get everything on the back end configured and updated.

Jeremy & Ryan