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09-01-2004, 11:16 AM
I spent over 2 hours today surfing and reading every post here about GA transmissions. Ill tell you EXACTLY when i had this problem when my car started missing its first gears. (this is not like the 3-4 problem i saw in the video)

OKAY (the second time ever) there is another Grand Am where i work. we have GRAND AM GTs, yr.2000, the same color, but our differences in appearance are his has clear tails and mine has RK Sport spoiler. Both have tint and rims. I know i have an exhaust and he doesnt. So i wanted to LAUNCH my car. I kept my foot solid on the break, reved it to 1 grand and released the gas. I did it a few more times (we were at a stop light) i had it in 3 not D. Then i got more bold and went over a grand. Well in all it was 6 to 8 times, a few seconds each at the most. Light turns green, he goes, i go rrRRRRuuuUUUUUGGhhh, it jsut sits there and i see the needle go up to almost 3 grand. Im stuck, car barely moving. I try to ease it in slowly til it catches about 20 seconds later. I thought i was finished. After it cooled in the garage, it was fine. Since then, anytime my car is hot, it slips like that.

First time ever that it happened i was trying to keep up with my friends S10 with a 327. I had it in 3 the whole time, flooring the gas pedal from every stop sign to try and not get left too far behind. I had no exhaust. When we parked i wanted to turn my rims a different way so i went to drive and it didnt work at all. Same thing. Only since i got my exhaust it does it frequently, so far only in traffic conditions.

Third time was in a tunnel at rush hour, VERY HOT, i put it in N neutral to rev it a few times and hear the sound, plus there was a TA behind me. it was cool. Then i put it in drive and... NO GO. It sounded awesome, but i knew it was f'd up. Not catchin. 2grand = 2 miles an hour.

If i sit hot engine in traffic or parked it slips. My temp gauge in the factory dash reads 212-215 on a hot day. Whats yours? Ive never seen it get to close to 220 if i did i would stop and cry. but i think it is too hot.

Tranny Cooler? OR i am almost at 60K maybe get transaxle fluid replaced (i drive on highways a lot here to work, fast usually 90mph if i have room. I drive once a week at least to my moms and back on highways on non-rush hour times about 95 to 110.) Also there are some large hills. So maybe im due for new fluid. Also i see i should get the injectors cleaned. Other than those 3 options i cant think of anything. But i want YOU ALL to know how my problem started. I think it is a heat issuse, maybe these tiny auto transmissions were the worst for this car. It could have been so much better. Would a TRANNY COOLER cool it enough in stopped trafic with just my fan????

09-02-2004, 08:43 AM
Well, uhh, not sure why you think its cool to floor your car with the brakes on, really dumb thing to do, there would have to be slipping to let that happen and its not good for either the clutch packs and all that fluid, and the torque convertor probably doesnt like that either.

The temp gauge isnt transmission temp, the transmission is going to be a completly different temperature, my engine temp gets up higher than 220 on a hot day pretty quick, its not abnormal to get that high either, there are alot of threads about engine temp.

It also seems that people swap out their fluid at 60k and its already burned black so I would get it done as soon as possible, i'll do mine at 50k(right now at 40k it still looks brand new, if I notice any difference in color or smell its swapped sooner).

Dont floor it with the brakes on, it just cant be good... and especially with what thats doing. The problem your having is different than most other peoples because it happens to them when the transmission is cold such as when they walk out from the movies or try to get going in the morning.

Yes, heat is bad!! Don't get that wrong, and im not saying its your problem, and it is true that the older the fluid the hotter it can get easily and easier it can get burned too. Burned fluid shouldn't be in the transmission, it should be replaced before that happens.

You said you wanted a transmission cooler yeah get that, replace your fluid and if you want get a trans. temp gauge to monitor what is going on.