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09-11-2004, 05:56 PM
Hey guys,
I had just filled up my tank of gas and parked the car. Wheni came back to go home i felt a slight hesitation/misfire. About 1 miute late the SES light went on and was flashing. The next day it stopped flashing and was still on. I took the car and had them do the fuel inector service to clean them up. They cleared the code but it came back on an hr later. The SES is NOT flashng anymore but its still on. I went have the car scanned again and it shows a mis-fire on the # 3cyl. I took it to Merlins which has a better scanner that actually showed each cyl at the same time and when he stepped on the gas u could see a slight misfire in the 1,5,6 cyl.

The hesitation is gone from what i can feel but the light is still on. What do u think? Merlins said its very common in these GM cars for the injectors to go bad and he told me that i should REPLACE them. what do u think?

Where is the best/cheapest place to get the injectors?

i have a 99 grand am gt with 70k on it. The guy who had the car before me said u had a tuneup done recently but i dunno how true that is. I also heard that the wires/plugs on this car doesnt realy last that long.

What do u think?
thanks guys!

09-12-2004, 01:25 PM
to replace injectors is a very pricey fix... and its actually an pretty UNcommon fix. I'd almost bet its something else.

Keep an eye on your coolant and oil level (and your driveway/garage for leaks). Bad gaskets will make your car hesitate and are alot more common than bad injectors.

good luck though!!!


09-12-2004, 04:10 PM
It could also be plugs and wires. They are easier and lots cheaper to replace.