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09-13-2004, 10:36 AM
ill keep this short. i was on vacation. i returned after 6 days. before this vacation time my car's alarm scanner was resetting itself...meaning it has different patterns and every morning i would find the pattern i liked and had set it to was changed to i guess the default pattern. it would happen sometime overnight. so i didnt think too much about it before i went on vacation. came back to a dead red top. got a jump and the car is fine. the led's on the scanner seem weaker though. the patterns stays like i set it overnight now. the car fires right up like usual. there is a huge drain when sitting at a stop and the speakers are hitting good. my headlights dim really bad like never before. i got this red top under the table. i dont know how old it is...it was in like new condition when i got it. not even dirty. do i need to upgrade to a yellow top now or could it be something else that's causing my problems? thanks for reading.

the stereo system is not new. no new accessories or anything like that either.

09-13-2004, 10:41 AM
well here's what a rep at optima told me

the red top is a starting battery...thats it... its not meant to run a bunch of accessories and loud systems

the yellow top is more designed for it, but if u wear it down, it should be charged from a plug-in-the-wall charger NOT by starting the car and charging it that way.

so if ure stuff is suddenly not workin as well, i would say it prolly isnt the best it used to be. What u can do is take it to a autozone or advanced auto and ask them to test it for you (its free) and u cann see what its output is