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09-20-2004, 06:50 PM
How big a project is this on a 2000 Grand Am GT? And do you guys recommend the use of synthetic trans fluid?


09-20-2004, 07:34 PM
its not a very huge project depending on how much you know about cars.. it takes me an average of about 20-40 mins to empty the fluid and change the filter and have the new fluid back in.. as far as what kinda trans. fluid i dont see what it could hurt to add the syn. as long as its dextron 3.. it takes a total of 7qrts. for just empty and refill.. now if you wanna empty and replace all the fluid including the torque converter well that may take quite a bit longer...but the fluid amount for that is 12.9 qrts... but i always leave the torque converter alone i just empty and replace the fluid that comes out the pan only.. its sometime best to leave just a little bit of old in there... a buddy of mine bought a car that wasnt took care of obvisiously and he took and had all th eold fluid pump out and put all new back in and the transmission didnt like it a tad bit within a week he had to take in to the shop to have the transmission reworked.. the mech. told him that when he had emptied out the whole transmission of the old stuff that the new stuff didnt stick to some of the parts like the older fluid did causing it to have i dont know enough about tansmissions to know weather or not the mech was just pulling his leg or not but i haven't had any problems out of my cars that i change the pan fluid only and replace it with new and the leave whats in the torque conv. alone.. so hopefully i've helped you out some and the filter is all you need the gasket is rubber and reusable unless you over tighten the pan bolts...