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09-21-2004, 03:17 PM
if you are trying to get pontiac to replace your flasher which isnt quote on quote not covered under the recall.. i just got off the phone with the federal trade commision and they stated that they will take complaints from anyone that is having a consumer issue from ay car maker for any reason.. it sound like even you girls and guys with the v-6 issues might wanna try to call them as well to complain about the head gasket issue.. the number for the ftc is 877-382-4357.. also if you have anything else other than the givin issue of the recalled flashers like a like mine started to do a few months ago.. the nhtsa would like to hear form you as well to add the info to the recall as well..their number is 1-888-327-4236.. the websites for both are as follows the federal trade commision is
the national highway traffic safety adminastration is noone will get into trouble for reporting issues to these agencies..perhaps they could help us ga owners get our cars fixed like they should be..ecspecially those of us with the flasher issue cause they already recalled them as well have identifed the problem exists.. but as far as pontiac fixing my flasher unit i still have to keep trying to get in contact with them to try to get them to fix it.. so perhaps this is the actual right way to try to get things done right? oh yeah before i forget the guy told me that if they see a pattern that any car maker is doing unjust behaviors then they will investagate further to see what is truely going on with the car maker....