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10-11-2004, 06:04 PM
My power windows have been slow for some time now.. all 4 of them. I've just put up with it the whole time. Recently, the front passenger side window stopped going back up. It goes up about an inch and stops. I have to keep using the switch every few mintues until it's finally back up. My driver side is very slow as well..but hasn't gotten stuck (yet).

How do I fix this? What parts do I need?

10-11-2004, 08:59 PM
I had a 93 grand prix that had the same problem only they never stopped working all together. I had them looked at twice and both times the repair shop told me I needed new solenoids (the motors the roll them up/down). I'm an electronic engineer with the USAF ... I know I am not a car specialist but something about it didn't seem right to me. Normally when you have a problem identical in multiple units the problem is where they all come together.

The first logical choice where their electronics would be together is their POWER lines. Check for something as simple as bad connections or corroded terminals. Do your head lights dim or interior lights?

My problem was just that on the line where the windows got their power from the electronic box under the hood. Pulled apart the connections and cleaned them up with contact cleaner and they are pretty much working like new now.

If all else fails, ... find a dealership that has good mechanics that don't like to say "get a new one".

10-13-2004, 07:58 AM
Lubricating the tracks and guides will do wonders for making your windows go up and down smoothly. A misaligned window will also give you problems going up and down.

10-18-2004, 11:47 AM
It's your power window motor/regulator. This is a very very common problem with the grand ams. It'll be really slow for a long time and then eventually it'll start doing what your's does where it'll only go a little at a time. Be careful, because the next stage is where it won't go up even that inch at a time and you'll have to help it get closed that last time. Then after you get it to be all the way closed you'll resign yourself to leaving it closed. You might even get used to looking like a fool while you open your door to place your order at a fast food drive thru. You'll begin to tell yourself that people aren't laughing at you and it's not worth the hassle of replacing the power window motor. Just as you get used to the inconvenience of it, you'll start hearing a little bit of wind noise on the expressway. Over the next few weeks it'll get worse and you'll try to tell yourself that it's just your imagination and it was always that way. But, sooner or later, you'll finally let yourself realize that your long since dead power window motor is not only useless, it's also oh-so-very-slowly letting the window back down! Oh crap! Well, it's time to go to Murray's and buy that $30 window motor and spend 2 hours installing it. Wow!!! This new motor works great! And you'll think, "I should have done this a year and a half ago!!! I promise that if my passenger side starts slowing down, I'll replace it right away."

Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything. *banana*