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10-15-2004, 08:51 PM
any one got any suggections. 1998 ga se 31.v6 . have had almost a year now . from the start i took it to dealer complianing of nothing more then a coolant smell that i could smell each and evertime i turned the heat on. even if i turned it off then turned it back on . now the smell only comes out for a few seconds then goes away until i turn off the heat or the car then turn it back on with the heat on . if i just put it on cold i get no smell. i also used to be able to smell the coolant smell after running the heat and i step out side of the car and stuck my nose in the wheel wells . i believe if memory serves me i could only smell it from one frt wheel well and not the other which side i can ' t remember . i t seems i no longer can smell it from the outer wheel well area like because the dealer repaired a lower intake and head gasket in the same month separte operations . but continue for months after and now still get that very berief smell from the interior vents when and and as many times that i turn the heat on. dealer said the guess maybe the heater core, but not to bother with it it could be all that bad. i do NOT get my inside windshield fogging up or any leaks on the interior floor or any large long lasting ordour , no spills on the ground or splatters under the car . i do how ever according to dealer need a a/c compressor and the hose that comes off the back.... i may repeat may have found months ago a oily substance at the bottom of the a/c compressor but i don ' t believe more then six months later there is that same substance anymore. more then anything it's just anoying . wouldn ' t think i had any other or more gasket leaks .

10-16-2004, 09:55 AM
From what you said about the coolant. I know if I smell coolant inside my car it would be the heater core. as far as the A/C I noticed that when I had my A/C in the Saturn converted to the R134. I noticed there was oil under one of the hose which has a leak in it.