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10-19-2004, 07:25 AM
This is about my 95 Grand Am GT. It has like 112K miles and i remember getting the fluid changed like back at 50K. Anyway it has a really bad skip. Not like a spark pulg skip but when you press the gas it acts like it wants to go then it shifts to the next gear and throws a SES light and it just studders really bad. And it wont go into Over drive when the SES light is on either. It does this alot under normal driving. But the strange thing that i dont understand is this.... WHen i go home and visit i can get in it and drive it and at 1st it does just what i said above. But if i drive the **** outta it for like 1 hour straight (i mean full throttle from redlight and peedle to the metal 24/7) it stops acting up and drive like normal for like a week.I mean it even shifts perfect after that. Being im 3 hrs away im not sure how long it stays the way but my mom has told me it drive fine after that for like a week or 2. Anyone have a idea to what this could be? THe plugs were changed on it like 20K miles ago or sooner. I took it to autozone to have the code ran but they claim being its a 95 they cant but yet it has that plug under the dash. Any thoughs anybody? Or do i just need to take my car back from my parents and bring it here with me and drive it like it should be drivin. My parents are in thier 60s and they drive like it too.

If iw as to change the fluid would it mess the car up and start slipping. I took it to a tranny shop for them to look at it but they said the fluid smelt AWEFUL and if they changed it it more than likley would tear the tranny up. Can anyone verify this?

Oh yea its a 3100 V6 also.

Would the EGR valve have anything to do with this?

10-19-2004, 09:32 AM
First off, have the codes read. That will get you a better insight without trying to second guess everything if you don't know what's wrong. Your car should be an OBDII car (if I'm thinking right, 1994 was the cutoff year). As in, the parts store should be able to scan it for you. Go to a different store if that one won't help you, or rent one for yourself. That might point you right at the problem. Otherwise, if could be your O2 sensors, your wires, faulty plugs, your EGR, a cracked cam sensor, plugged injectors, old gas, dirty filters.......you'd just be guessing.

As for the trans fluid change, yes, if your trans has been beaten on and the fluid is very dirty, a fluid change can cause the trans to start slipping. What happens is as the fluid gets dirty, the internal components start to wear more, and then the worn particles get in the fluid and so the trans wears even more. After a while, the trans becomes pretty worn, but it still works ok because the floating particles in the fluid actually help the trans from slipping by acting as a friction additive. So, if you clean the trans and introduce clean fluid, the trans has none of those old dirty particles to help the worn out parts gain friction, so the trans starts to slip.

But, that isn't always the case. It is possible to change dirty fluid and not have a problem. It depends on how hard the car has been driven, if the trans ever overheated, how often the fluid has been changed and many other things. But, if you do have it changed and it starts to slip, there are companies that make a fluid additive to re-introduce that floating particulate to help keep it strong and shifting right without hurting the trans. I can't think of the brand off hand, but it's primary use is for people using transmissions without problems that just want harder shifts.

10-19-2004, 04:01 PM
Ok thank you ALOT!!! That is some good advice and im will follow yours exactly. Now this fluid you are talking about is this called Trick SHift or something like that?
Also do i have to take it and get the fluid changed and flushed or can i just do it myself. I changed the fluid in my eclipse Myself and it was the simplest thing ever. Is the 4T60E gonna be a pain in the ass to do? I'll get these codes checked 1st.