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View Full Version : dull headlamp help.. only gettin 5V and SVS light

11-09-2004, 06:22 PM
so im messing w/ my headlight cause i though it was dull, but then i forgot about the negative switching that we have and ran the power across the ground for a milla second cause i was seein if the ground was bad, well, that didnt go over too good and now the pass headlight is very dim and sheot... so i took my volt meter and im only gettin 5V on the middle pin or the + lead.. and i test the high and low grounds to the battery and im gettin the full 13V there so i know that the grounds are ok... but its the + that im only gettin 5V on, so i know that thats wehre the problem lies, thing is, i think its in the BCM.. but checker doesnt have a code scanner for that, there scanner only reads the engine parts... so what can i do? or how do i fix this mo fo'in problem