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11-12-2004, 12:49 AM
Hey fellow GA owners..

So I have about 73k on my '01 GAGT coupe. I've always done the recommended service to this vehicle (only mods are the k&n and SLP)...

Here are the issues that I've been rattle with for the past 3 weeks.
1) Flat Spots during acceleration
2) Engine won't shift out of 2nd, it doesn't move past 4k and I have to double pump the gas to get it to shift...
3) A lame whistling noise from the exhaust (SLP w/ dual tips) under acceleration past 3k rpm

More detail:
There is a flat acceleration spot between 1500 and 2500 rpm. Also, If I am traveling on the highway, just pressing on the gas lightly doesn't increase the speed as it use to...

So three nights ago on the way back from an event on the highway, the engine check light came on. I thought nothing of it as my car still ran fine, no weird sounds no nothing. As I got off and came to a stop the engine was idling rough, between almost dying and 1500... When I got home we looked at the engine, thinking through the issue; following every vacuum hose and spark plug wire. Using a tool my Dad had, we found that there was no spark coming from 2,4,6 while, 1,3,5 fired fine.... So the next morning we swapped out the all the plugs (the old plugs were the original plugs) and found rust in the # 2,4,6 wires and that the wires were in horrible condition. Took the car of a test run, but the flat spot was still there. The car idled fine, but still a flat spot.. Can anyone provide any pointers?

I don't want to take this car into the dealership. Last time I did that was @ 30k service. Those idiots showed me a list of things that stated what they would change, and they CHANGED NOTHING! I asked them why, and they said b/c it doesn't need a tune-up until 100k and it looked okay. So in essence, I paid them $600 to look at my car and change my oil. Long argument short, the said the list was not required work, just things to check. Whatever, I just pretended I had a BMW for a day.

On to the other issue... whistling noise from the exhaust under hard acceleration after 3k. I am not sure where this noise is coming from. I've been under my car feeling for exhaust leaks and nothing! The only thing I can think of are the tips, somehow making a whistling noise when more air is trying to be passed through the dual exhaust tips? Any ideas on this one?

Thanks in advanced for the help. I do like my Grand AM but WTF is going wrong with my car!

11-12-2004, 11:01 AM
Has the Fuel Filter been replaced lately, PCV valve?? I assume you replaced the plugs... What gas do you use??? Have you used any fuel treatment lately ??

11-12-2004, 12:38 PM
Hey thanks for the reply,

I've been using a fuel treatment every couple of months.. The plugs have been replaced w/ dual platniums and for gas.. I've been using COSTCO REGULAR (due to the soaring costs of fuel).. I have not touched the fuel filter..

11-12-2004, 01:45 PM
Its only 10-15 bucks so thats a cheap fix....
Use different gas for a month.....
Delcos seem to work the best for our cars.. Not sure what the Dual Platinu,s are.. Stay away from Bosch plugs.. (Some issues with G/A's owners)

The tranny issue you are having might be something to get the mechanics to check out... Everything else should smooth out the idle and get things flowing better...