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11-16-2004, 10:24 PM
Hey I'm actually a 2nd Gen Cavy Z guy but my question is about Grand Am Front Anti-Sway (Stabilizer) bar sizes? I was wondering what the largest stock size that still fits 2nd Gen Cavy's/Birds would be? I had heard somewhere it is 33mm off one of the models. The highest one for the Cavy is on my Z24 30mm and there are aftermarket 30mm's but nothing larger, well my aftermarket rear is 25.4mm over the stock Z24 19mm so you may be able to see why I want to get the front larger and stronger as well.
Anyone have an answer for me? I believe it's the '87-'94 Grand Am models that the Sway bar will fit 2nd Gen J-bodies as well.

Thanks in advance, future to be super fast Cav.